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Discover Wayne Century™ 3


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Wayne Century™ 3 fuel dispenser

The Wayne Century™ 3 fuel dispenser is a robust and compact model, designed to serve a broad range of applications and fuel locations that require consistent fueling. Leveraging decades of hydraulic innovation, the Century 3 fuel dispenser is not only one of the most valuable industry players when it comes to offering a smooth fueling experience, but it is also built to be truly modular, giving you the power to design the dispenser you need to best serve your customers. Don’t let its size put you off; this fiesty little dispenser may be small, but it was born to rule the roost, available with a wide range of fl ow rates from standard to ultra-high speed, in order to deliver the optimum fueling experience to some of your most fuel-heavy fleet vehicles. The Century 3 fuel dispenser is the top dog - the creme-de-la-creme when it comes to compact fuel dispensing solutions.  

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Wayne Century™ 3 LPG fuel dispenser

Introducing the Wayne Century™ 3 LPG fuel dispenser, our high-performance, robust dispenser designed to deliver liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) smoothly and effectively to LPG-powered vehicles. Created to meet the growing need for alternative fuels, this dispenser is built to be customized through modularity, giving you the capability to design the LPG solution you need for your business outfit. Small, but perfectly designed, the Century 3 LPG fuel dispenser is ideal for retail forecourt environments or private fleet businesses that are limited when it comes to space, but that still need the convenience associated with having an on-site LPG dispenser. Broaden your retail with the Wayne Century™ 3 LPG fuel dispenser, and help with the wider distribution and availability of LPG fuel in the European market.

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Wayne Century™ 3 
® dispenser

The Wayne Century™ 3 AdBlue® fuel dispenser brings AdBlue® fluid dispensing to your fleet or retail fuel location in a discrete, compact framework. Due to its small size, it’s the perfect solution for businesses wanting convenient, powerful AdBlue® refueling capabilities on-site without compromising on forecourt space.  This compact AdBlue® dispenser leverages decades of hydraulic innovation and is modular, meaning that you’re able to design the dispenser you need to best provide for your business outlet. Discretion is the name of the game for this powerful AdBlue® model. It combines understated beauty with incredible power, preferring to adopt a modest approach when it comes to shouting about its top-of-the-range, in-built technology. The Century 3 AdBlue® dispenser is the player you want on your team. 

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Wayne Century™ 3 Fuel Dispensers

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