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Fuel Models



Fuel Models




PLUS over 10,000 possible dispenser configuations

What We Offer

We like to think our fuel dispensers stand out — that they’re truly memorable — from the outside and certainly from the inside.

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Why Choose
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Benefit from top-of-the range modularity and versatility with a wide range of configuration possibilities and options to meet specific requirements and a broad range of applications allowing you to deliver a first-class service to your customers.


Based on engineering excellence and decades of hydraulic innovation, our Tokheim dispensers deliver reliable operation with enhanced features to improve the user experience and ensure that all in important nozzle availability to allow your forecourt to trade at full capacity.

Accurate and 

Engineered with our electronically calibrated minimal drift meter technology and assembly with field-proven components and quality materials in robust framework, our Tokheim dispensers are built to last and will keep on giving long into the future.

Low Total Cost
of Ownership

Proven time and time again to have less downtime and fewer maintenance interventions, our Tokheim dispensers offer fuel retailers peace of mind and the lowest total cost of ownership Combining Tokheim history, engineering and quality, our dispensers are the perfect example of engineering excellence and a sound investment for many years to come.

Our Dispenser Ranges

Our Dispenser Ranges

“Tokheim dispensers are industry recognized for quality and engineered for a lifetime of reliability, so we are thrilled to be able to present our customers with our new and enhanced Quantium FS and Quantium ML models. They are perfect examples of reimagined modularity offering reliable performance in our trusted
Tokheim quality."

Soren Powell-Holse

Director of Product Marketing, EMEA

Our development teams have challenged themselves to create a suite of products that exemplify the Tokheim reputation for quality, reliability and configurability. With the highest quality components built into truly modular designs and finished to the highest standards, the Quantium FS and Quantium ML dispenser ranges represent a milestone in the history of the brand.
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Ken Scobie

General Manager, Operations

We are excited to offer a new range of Tokheim dispensers that combines high quality with the latest technology. Within the distinct Tokheim frames you’ll find best-in-class components offered alongside a wide range of new features and functionalities, bringing reliable and technology leading equipment to our customers.
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Lise-Lotte Nordholm

VP, Dispenser Engineering & New Product Development

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