Discover Helix 5000 II


Wayne Helix 5000 II
fuel dispenser

Introducing the Wayne Helix 5000 II fuel dispenser; a dispenser that will elevate your forecourt to the next level. We’re talking “above the clouds” - it’ll send your customers into orbit. This dispenser was born from the best technology that DFS has to offer, bringing true connectivity to your forecourt in a way you’ve never experienced before. 

Connectivity brings new opportunities, an improved customer experience and endless options. Through DX Cloud, we bring you remote management, advanced diagnostics, integrated in-dispenser media and advertising opportunities that previously were unfathomable. We’ve brought you a new perspective; we’re showing you things you never thought you’d see. 

Invest in your journey into unexplored territory. Skyrocket your business into the future with the Helix 5000 II fuel dispenser.